What food items should Indians try in Singapore?

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  • Indians are passionate about food so are Singaporeans. As we have all know Singapore showcases rich culinary culture which is a blend of Malay, Indian, and Thai and Chinese, one will never go struggling with their food cravingsof their native countries. There are must- visit places for Indians such as Little India, famous as food paradise for Indians.There are number of scrumptious restaurants laden with mouth- watering dishes. These dishes are ample in amount to eat and very cost- effective which makes Indian travelers visit often Little India. You must visit Tandoori Corner for dinner, if you are near Central Business District of Singapore, visit Tandoori Corner for a quick lunch or dinner. You can also plan for Dempsey Hill and enjoy your Indian food in a colonial open house (It is an independent arts organization that features stories of Singapore through art) amidst scenic environs.

The Singaporean streets and restaurants are stocked with number of finger- licking food items:- 


  • Chili crabs- The iconicSingapore street food is ranked on number 35 among the world’s most delicious foods. It is made of fresh sea- crabs stir fried in flavorful sweet red chili with tomato gravy. You can eat the dish with bread.If you are in Singapore, do not miss to savor one of the yummiest dishes on earth.

Best Places to eat:

  • Tamako meal
  • Da Paolo Dempsey Restaurant
  • Roland Restaurant
  • Chinatown Seafood Restaurant


Located in food center at 16 Bedok South Road, Hill Street char KwayTeow offers excellent noodle dish, Char KwayTeow, and broad range of traditional Chinese fried noodles with Chinese sausages. It also serves Chili crab which is another signature dish. Try out this huge diner at east coast road.

Best Places to eat:

  • Hotplate BBQ
  • BBQ Seafood
  • Chan BBQ
  • Banana Leaf Seafood BBQ

Fish head curry

Fish head curry is out of this world dish, especially for tourists, who are fond of fish heads. It is simple to make but one of the tastiest dishes for fish lovers, large fish heads is cooked with vegetable and spices in a pot and served with rice or bread of your choice. The dish will definitely make you lick your fingers.

Best Places to eat:

  • Xin Yuan Ji
  • Soon Ho Eating House
  • Muthu’s Curry
  • Chye Lye Fish Head
  • Restaurant


The dish is listed as number on world’s most delicious foods. Skewer of meat (chicken, shrimp or pork) is marinated and grilled, meat is served with rice with salad and sauce. Eating Satay in Singapore is an exotic experience, the dish is so loved by the locals as well as travelers, which led to opening of number of restaurants and food outlets solely dedicated to scrumptious dish.

Best places to eat:

  • Lau Pa Sat Satay
  • Kwong Satay
  • Haron Satay
  • ChuanKee Satay
  • Chomp Chomp Satay


TheMalay dish, NasiLemakis one of the very popular dishes made of fragrant coconut rice (rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf which makes it greasy), omelet anchovies, cucumber and sauce.There are lot of variations you can find in NasiLemak, but traditional Malay dish consists of variety of side dishes too, which are served on the top of the main dish.

Best Places to eat:

  • International Muslim Food Stall
  • Selera Rasa NasiLemak at Adam road food center
  • Village NasiLemakBar
  • SedapNasiLemak
  • Crave NasiLemak


Who doesn’t like omelette? And what if we tell you that you can get variety of mouth- watering omelettes, to satisfy your taste buds and OysterOmelette is a specialty. Signature dish of Singapore, is made by mixing starch into egg batter to make an omelette, then it is garnished with small oysters, spices and coriander leaves. Well we would like to tell you that oyster omelette is the harmless dish to try out for people who for eating shellfish.

Best Places to eat:

  • GeylangLor 29
  • Ang Sa Lee Fried Oyster
  • Ah Orh Seafood
  • Restaurant
  • Ah Chuan Oyster
  • Omelette
  • KatongKeahKee Fried
  • Oysters
  • 85 Bedok North Fried Oyster

Continue going through our list about the most affordable Indian restaurants in Singapore. Here is the list of Indian restaurants in Singapore offers number of delectable Indiandishes for Indian Palate you must have a lookat:

  • FACE

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