Top 12 special festivals of Singapore in this 2020

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12 Popular Festivals In Singapore

If you are in Singapore by chance, be it your professional meet up or vacation, do not forget to revel in specials festivals of Singapore. Explore the destination in a festival mode. Festivals in Singapore 2020 are a true portrayal of the amazing diversity of the tiny- city state. Singapore embodies multiple ethnicities, cultures and religious backgrounds along with vibrant festivals. So if you are in the destination or planning a trip to Singapore, then you must take a look at our compilation of famous festivals in Singapore and get ready to book our Singapore tour package.

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12 Popular Festivals In Singapore

1. Christmas


Celebrated on 25th of December, Christmas is one of the important festivals of Singapore. The streets in the destination are decorated with lights and embellishments like a fairyland. Hundreds of shimmering bulbs and lights are used to decorate the trees and lanes are embellished like carnival. You may see the competition of decorating the stall in Singapore in Christmas to bag the award for ‘best decorated mall’. If you are in Singapore, you must witness the Christmas carnival on the Orchard road and fantastic festive decorations in malls. Do not forget to see the cultural and musical performances.

2. Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Undeniably, the most important festival of the Chinese lunar calendar. Additionally called the Lunar New 12 months, this festive length lasts for 15 days and typically falls all through the months of January and February. The complete island seems to prevent to celebrate this special period; however the liveliest events, of route, are to be found at Chinatown. The night time earlier than the primary day of Chinese New year, Chinese human beings throughout Singapore make it a point to hurry home for the once a year own family reunion dinner, which marks the begin of a duration of feasting. Chinese New year cookies such as love letters and pineapple truffles (a Singapore-Malaysia invention), barbecued red meat and sumptuous Chinese dinners are normally featured. Get your Singapore Tour Package booked and be ready to celebrate Chinese New Year Night in Singapore differently.

3. Artbox


Artbox is renowned as Singapore’s largest pop- up creative market. Originated in Bangkok, it was migrated to Singapore to represent the culture of local flea market and talents. Like previous year, this year is to be bash for the travelers and going to relinquish the exhilarating experience in a bigger venue.

4. Dragon Boat or Rice Dumpling Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

Travelers from every corner of the world attend the festival to enjoy rice dumplings wrapped in leaves or to watch the dragon boat races. Legend has it that in this day, Qu Yuan, a patriot of historical China, threw himself into the Mi Luo River in protest towards corruption and injustice. The tale is going that when the fishermen heard of Qu Yuan’s suicide, they straight away set forth of their boats to look for him. As a consequence started the culture of having dragon boat races. Determined to prevent fish from devouring his body, fishermen also threw rice into the river – accordingly beginning this delightful lifestyle of dumpling eating.

5. Singapore food festival

Singapore Food Festival

Singapore Food Festival is festival where you can taste a range of Singapore’s favorite dishes as well as a twist on some modern favorites. Fancy a slice of nostalgia? The ’50 Cents Fest!’ Plan a visit to ‘One Farrer’s meals road’ and Chinatown Meals Avenue are throwbacks to a history Singaporean food and its undying neighborhood delights. You will additionally find a number of top global cooks who come to this occasion to expose their talents. For the delectable meals options, head to Tippling club and Open Stoves via Timbre+. You can also take cooking classes where you can pick up some cooking tips and tricks.

6. Singapore National day

National Day

Planning for a trip in Singapore, do not forget to attend Singapore National Day and Christmas celebrations if you can make it in December. Singapore National Day is celebrated on 9th of August every year. If 9th August falls on a weekend, then a public holiday might be found on the following Monday. These celebrations will consist of concert events, carnivals, and many other festivities. The biggest event among so many celebrations is the annual day parade. The parade features performances from military and college bands, a 400-piece drum ensemble, solo vocalists, expert dance workouts, and shows by way of the Singapore armed forces, which consist of unfastened-fall parachute shows, tower repelling, vehicle shows, a presidential gun salute and a national flag fly by.

7. The Hungry Ghost Festival

Hungry Ghost Festival

As the name suggest, the special festival of Singapore- Hungry Ghost Festival is a very interesting traditional Taoist festival to be held in 2020. It is said that the ghosts of ancestors visit the place on this day. The local people usually go to their ancestor’s grave and keep some food at the grave, so that they come out and have their meal and spirits can freely depart away. It is also named as Yulan or Zhongyuan festival. Children are usually kept away from this festival.

8. Singapore mid – autumn festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn competition falls at the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month each 12 months and, this year, it is on 27 Sep. This year, at the side of taking part in the plethora of mouth- watering treats, celebratory occasions, and activities layered up for the own family, additionally embody the tale behind the festival and perhaps you and your children will soak in the festivities in a brand new light.

9. Deepavali


The popular festival of Singapore is festival originated from India and it is also known as Diwali, it is a significant date in Hindu calendar. Deepavali is celebrated mostly in the month of October or November first week. In Singapore the festival is celebrated for the whole month of October with great zeal in ethnic quarter of Little India. During this festival, Little India is decorated and embellished with lights, oil lamps and embellishments. The place throbs with music and long strings of beautiful lights. The cultural festival brings joy, wealth and happiness to the homes by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi according to the mythology.

10. Singapore river festival

Singapore River Festival

The Singapore River Festival is an extravagant fair that takes place annually at the breezy waterfront area near Marina Promenade. The festival is created with a concept of Chinese zodiac symbol for that year. You can see huge floats representing Chinese calendar animals like monkeys or snakes. You may also statues of Gods of fortune and wisdom and cherry blossom trees. You may savor in the delicious regional food beverages along with live music.

11. Singapore night festival

Singapore Night Festival

The festival is a massive street party focused round an inventive extravaganza of fun and entertainment. There are number of things to do while enjoying musical performances, improvisational theatre, roving street performers, movie screenings, colorful building-sized mild installations, dance, aerial performances, demonstrations of magic and phantasm and cultural exhibitions. The pageant each worldwide performer from around the world and Singapore’s nearby talent. The pleasant issue is, given that its beginnings, and the interesting thing is festival is free to attend for everyone.

12. Singapore Film Festival

Singapore Film festival

One of the Singapore exciting festivals in Singapore, The Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) is the considered to be the longest-running film festival in the destination. It was founded in 1987, and the film festival aims on displaying international films and delivering a universal platform for the best of Singapore and Southeast Asian cinema.

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