10 Best Beaches in Singapore That Make It A Beach-Heaven

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10 Best Beaches Of Singapore On Sentosa Island

Are you done with Singapore? Well If you are still in dilemma there is no more to Singapore other than Universal studio, Garden by the bay and Singapore flyer, then you are absolutely wrong. Singapore, the most extravagant, metropolitan destination is a home to some of the most beautiful beaches. Speaking about Singapore’s famous beaches, they can be broadly categorized into two parts- one, the beaches from Sentosa Island and other, the east coast beaches. Both the regions are surreal and scenic, but Sentosa is more popular among travelers. The beaches are ideal for swimming and other fun things to do in Singapore. If you are more off solitude seeker then east coast beaches are perfect fit for you. Take a quick glimpse at all the breathtaking beaches in Singapore.

10 Best Beaches of Singapore On Sentosa Island

Here we have listed some of the popular beaches in Singapore if you want to relax and relish for some time while soaking sun.

1. Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach

The beach is settled in the center of Sentosa in Singapore. It houses palm trees, glowing white sand, crystal blue- green water and happening beach cafes. It is an entertainment area to revel in , Port of the lost world based on theme of pirate world which often kids and adults from every corner of the world. The place encompasses a rope bridge, a pirate ship, wooden beam towers and a number of treasure boxes to make you feel at pirate world. To savor in best cocktails, there are innumerable bars like Cabana style beach bars, play area, beach shelters, souvenirs and restaurants.

2. Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches in Singapore at the moment. Flooded with loads of activities, no one can go in mundane at Siloso. You will definitely love if partying, dancing, horse riding and volleyball excites you. There are astounding eating joints laden with mouthwatering snacks and beverages. You can indulge into beach volleyball, horse riding by the beach and relax by the beach while enjoying your food. The beach is kid- friendly beach.

3. Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong is also famed as the man- made wonder in Singapore, it is also counted among Singapore’s ultimate party destination beaches. It is nestled in the south east part of Sentosa and it is outlined by the spectacular crescent shaped beach line. The beach offers beautiful tropical trees, warm water and sparkling white sand. It is undeniably, the exotic party destination. The beach is located at walking distance from Palawan beach, If you want to get little tipsy, head towards Tanjong beach club with your friends.

4. Changi Beach

Changi Beach

Changi is situated on the east coast, is considered best among the tropical beaches of Singapore. The beach is quite familiar with families and kids, fitness freaks and leisure seekers. Travelers fly here to kaze on the beach or to jog on the magnificent trails of Changi Beach Park. It isa nice beach in Singapore for swim. The main highlight of Changi beach is plane spotting. Tourists enjoy watching low flying planes (as beach is nearby Changi Airport) preparing to land at the airport. The beach offers scrumptious barbeques, paved walking trails, camping, park benches, barbecue pits and cycling trails.

5. Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach

The most pristine and untouched beach of the Singapore beaches, Pungol is a hidden gem. Its mesmerizing beauty leaves travelers speechless with their each visit. Though the beach is well connected to the city by the means of transport such as buses and shuttles, but still it is not frequently visited by most of the travelers. The pristine beauty and tranquility offers a paradise for couples and solo travelers. It is considered as the epitome of hidden beauty with eternal peace.

6. Kusu Island

Kusu Island

One of the unexplored attractions in Singapore- Kusu Island is famous for being a big time hub for hundreds of turtles and the cause way between two island pieces. Perhaps, the island is also popular for its pristine coastlines, lush green trees, clear waters and vibrant sky. The travelers are always spell bound with the picturesque views in every corner of the island. There is a turtle sanctuary, which you should not miss, additionally you may explore cabanas, beach shelters and lot of eateries for your hungerpangs.

7. Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island

The Prime beach of Singapore is one of the best beaches for honeymoon couples as well. The beaches in Lazarus Island offer unique vibes to the travelers. What makes it different is rustic atmosphere and tropical vibes after the hustle- bustle of the city. Lazarus beach comprises turquoise blue waters, glowing silver sand and delightful atmosphere. The silent yet positive feel of the place inclining couples and honeymooners every year. The jungle outlines the beach which makes it a perfect hideout. Do not forget to tour to this beach if you are in Singapore.

8. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

This off- treasured beach relinquishes moksa in the hustle- bustle of the destination. Delivering the simple pleasures from a simple village life, Pulau Ubin embraces everyone seeking for solitude and peace. The place is a must visit among the best tropical beaches in Singapore especially for solo travelers. It houses lush green plantations, architecture and most importantly the delicious authentic local food- is able to captivate travelers for long time. You may plan for beach camping, cycling and revel in beaches tour in Singapore.

9. Pasir Ris Beach

Pasir Ris Beach

Pasir Ris beach is counted among the famous picnic spots in Singapore. It is also one of the largest beaches in the destination where you can indulge into adventure tour in lush mangrove forests. The beach is also popular as wonderland among kids, you may go for nature strolls , a beach tour by bicycle or you can have a small picnic by the seashore and relish into witnessing the beauty of scenic views of ocean.

10. East Coast Park

East Coast Park

The East Coast Park is a beach park with modern settings was built in 1970’s in Singapore. The themed beach park embodies some of the best beaches in Singapore. It is based on the concept of ‘Recreation for All’ and it offers everything that is required for the entertainments of people of every kind. It is renowned for a number of lands and water sports activities and there is extreme Skate Park which often attracts kids.

Which of these “Beach” is the best?

Which of these.....

The ideal beach, Palawan beach is nestled in the center of Sentosa in Singapore. With its rich palm trees, gleaming silver white sand, blue- green water and lively beach cafes, it is an entertainment zone to revel in , Port of the lost world is conceptualized on pirate world which draws attentions of kids and adults from every corner of the world. The place encompasses a rope bridge, a pirate ship, wooden beam towers and a number of treasure boxes to make you feel at pirate world. To relish in best drinks, there are unlimited range of bars like Cabana style beach bars, beach shelters, souvenirs and fine dining restaurants for families and kids.

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