Things to do in Singapore in 3 Days

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Things to do in Singapore in 3 DaysThe destination isn’t something which you refer as a classic travel destination, but definitely the tiny nation has gained popularity for short trips. There are plenty of things to do in Singapore in 3 days, if you are traveling to the destination. Singapore is well- acclaimed for its efficiency, cleanliness and low tax income creating it into an attractive destination for business and leisure travel both. We know it takes more than 3 days to explore it completely, but starting it from shorts trips of 3 to 4 days is a good start. Give a read on things to do in Singapore and extract some ideas to make your trip memorable in a short time.

Day 1: Visit Singapore Night Safari zoo

Singapore Night Safari zooRanked as world’s first safari park for nocturnal animals and one of the best places to visit in Singapore, Singapore Night Safari zoo was opened in 1994. It is situated in the proximity of Singapore zoo. The night safari park is spanned over seven distinct habitats, among them each habitat houses mesmerizing wild creatures.

These wild animals resides in area of 35 hectares in the dense forest. It includes more than 2500 resident animals from around 130 species encompassing Malaysian tiger, Malaysian tapir, Asian elephants and many more. You can explore the park and witness beautiful deer roaming in the park, fiercer such as leopards behind barriers and enjoy the long strolls into huge aviaries.

You can also experience the It is possible to cover Singapore in 72 hours. You can also try 35 minutes tram ride which crosses seven geographical zones from the treacherous Himalayas to the marshy banks of equatorial Africa.

Day 2: Visit Universal Studios

Visit Universal StudiosYou have a plan to cover Singapore trip in 3 days, then visiting Universal Studios theme park is a great idea. The studio is the only universal studios theme park in Southeast Asia spanned over an area of 20 hectares. Your Singapore trip of 3N/ 4D Singapore tour package embodies an enthralling selection of attractions, entertainment and rides for families and adventure seekers.

The studio includes incredibly designed zones, each zone is based upon the iconic movies from Hollywood. You will see the popular Hollywood Walk of Fame at the Hollywood zone. As you explore more the landscape transforms into spectacular city skylines, accompanied by a subway entrance.

You enter into a movie world which features force of hurricane along with the special effects by none other than Steven Spielberg. The Garden City showcases the heart- pounding 3D ride where you get to fight evil forces, you get to indulge in river boat rides and a lot more at Universal Studios.


VISIT GARDENS BY THE BAYAre you confused with the places to visit in Singapore? Then add Gardens by the Bay to your list. There is number of things to do in Singapore in 3 days especially at Garden by the Bay. The famous attraction is settled by the Marina Bay Waterfront in the center of Lion’s City attracting tourists from every corner of the world. It covers 3 distinct spaces around area of 101 hectares- Bay East Garden, Bay South Garden and Bay Central Garden.

In a short period of 3 days in Singapore you may explore Flower Dome at Bay South Gardens, which also hold the Guinness World Record of World’s largest Glass Greenhouse in 2015. It houses beautiful species of plants and flowers from five continents. You can also check out Floral Fantasy where you witness both- history and fantasy, each zone expresses stories from fairy tales in the form of Gardens and spaces. Do not miss these 3 things to do in Singapore if you are on your Singapore trip this vacation.

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