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How to get a local Singapore SIM card as a tourist

Traveling is bliss but traveling with safety and staying connected with family and friends is more than anything. Be it your business travel or leisure gateway, a good prepaid network is mandatory to connect with your loved ones while traveling in Singapore. It helps you to maintain a connection with your family members, friends, and co-workers.

There are three leading telcos in Singapore: Singtel, M1, and Starhub.

Which network sim is used in Singapore

You can opt for a local prepaid sim card Singapore or a tourist SIM card depending on the number of days you have planned for your stay in Singapore. A tourist SIM card is valid for a week and Prepaid SIM card works for longer validity.

Tourist SIM cards: Perfect for short stays.

If you are planning your upcoming Singapore Vacation for 7 to 10 days, then a tourist sim is an ideal solution. All the major network providers in Singapore offer 100 GB tourist SIM cards.

Which network sim is used in Singapore?

Which network sim is used in Singapore

If you are planning for Singapore holiday, a key tip to keep your costs down is to buy a local sim. Avail benefits of better plans, tariffs, and deals to lower down your roaming rates. Be it a short term or long term travel plan, you can save a lot of money.

Here is the list of prepaid SIM according to your usage:-

  • Best Prepaid Sim for Budget users: M1 Card
  • Best Prepaid Sim for Normal usage users: Starhub Happy Prepaid Card or M1 card
  • Best Prepaid Sim for High usage users: Singtel Simor Starhub Happy prepaid

Where Can I Buy a Prepaid Sim Card in Singapore?

Where Can I Buy a Prepaid Sim Card

If you are struggling with where to buy a local sim card in Singapore, then no need to worry at all! You can buy local sim card Singapore online, In case if it is not available online, you can purchase it from Cheers convenience stores or 7 eleven, or you can go to telecommunication shops in Singapore. You will need to submit your passport photocopy for the registration.

How to top up your Singapore SIM card?

How to top up your Singapore SIM card

You can top up your Singapore SIM card online at hi Account or you can use My Singtel app or you can opt for SAM (Self- service automated machine) station. Last but not the last, just dial *1355to top your SIM card in Singapore.

Will a Singapore SIM Card work on your foreign phone?

 Will a Singapore SIM Card work on your foreign phone

Yes, almost all the communication providers allow for the same. This allows the mobile users to use the CDMA iPhone on their carrier’s LTE network or use a local sim card in Singapore while traveling abroad. Make sure both CDMA (with SIM card slot) and GSM mobile phones must be unlocked.

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