A Foodie’s Guide to Singapore: Top 10 Dishes of Singapore

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Singapore is also popular with the name of Garden City, has developed a lot in the terms of enhancing metropolis culture and today it is one of the most developed travel destinations in Asia. The travel destination is amazing fusion of sights and sounds, both natural and manmade. Singapore is all about majestic gardens, futuristic conceptualized architecture, impressive new hotels and contemporary art. Avail your International holiday package with us for below shared places to visit in Singapore for honeymoon with someone special.

Singapore is an ocean packed with variety of cuisines, embodying a wealthy culture of food dishes dwelling Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian influences. Due to its strategic location, the destination has massive cultural impact, especially on food. Here, in our Singapore guide we have tried to serve the best from the Singaporean platter.

Gratify your taste buds with special dishes of Singapore, often known as “the food paradise of the East”.

Top 10 Dishes of Singapore

1. Barbeque Stingray

Barbeque Stingray

Considered as the classiest and hardest dish to find in Singapore, Barbeque Stingray is made by mixing stingrays in a sambal sauce, and enveloped in banana leaves and finally grilled. It is tender to eat, not much dry with a decent char on the skin.

2. Laksa


A delightful Peranakan dish of noodle soup served with fish, the dish is a blend of Chinese and Malay food. You can get best Laksa at KatongLaksha on the east coast road. Out of various Laksas, the Curry Laksa is popular in Singapore, while Assam Laksa is more common in Malaysia. In traditional Singapore Curry Laksa, there is use of vermicelli instead of noodles, coconut milk, fish slices, shrimp and tau pok.

3. Hawker Singapore

Hawker Singapore

A sweet toast served with kaya jam (a jam made of eggs and coconut milk) is a must try if you are in Singapore. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee at China Street, Fa East Square.

4. Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry

Is it Chinese, Indian or Malay? This is another ambiguous dish which probably has a South Indian origin, but has been heavily influenced by the various ethnicities in Singapore. The dish comprises either whole head or half a head of a red snapper stewed in curry with vegetables.

5. Kway chap

Kway chap

An ideal dish for foodies who are fond of rice, the dish refers to long flat sheets into square shape, serve with soup. It is one signature street food, it is affordable and tummy- filling. It is favorite among both locals and travelers and it is mainly available in Singapore, Penang and Malaysia. You can eat it solely or you eat along with drinkingair tebu or kopi peng.

6. Rojak


Rojak refers to insane blend in colloquial Malay and the dish proves to be the one. The ingredients features the richness of cultures of the country, bringing together with amazing flavors into an exotic dish. It is made of dough fritters, vegetables and fruits brushed with sticky black sauce. It is garnished with finely chopped ginger flowers and peanuts for a tangy flavor.

7. Ice Kachang

Ice Kachang

It is Singapore’s favorite desert, it has changed a lot over the years. In 1950’s and 1960’s, it was in the form of ice- balls with colorful sugar coated syrups. In modern era, it is served with red bean, palm seed, cubes of jelly, sweet corn and toppings such as mango and durian.

8. The Flavors of Southeast Asia

The Flavors of Southeast Asia

Ingredients such as chilies, turmeric, ginger and coconut gives a unique flavor to the Southeast Asian culinary culture. One can savor into several types of delicious Maly, Thai and Indonesian food in Singapore like crabs, fish with rice. You must try GadoGado, Chicken rice and Satay accompanied by signature beverages.

9. Vegetarian? Time to Be Happy

No worries for vegetarians in Singapore, You can get number of dishes to satiate your vegetarian belly. You may indulge in lot of Indian food such as Idli sambhar, Kadhai paneer, Chhole bhature and Naan at restaurants located in Little India. Singapore showcases vegetarians in abundance unlike any other travel destination.

10. For the Love of Street Food

Forthe Love of Street Food

Singaporean food is considered one of the best food among major travel destinations. Lot of travelers are fond of eating egg noodles, also known as fried Hokkienmee and dumplings, the food is fresh, hygienic, cheap and nutritious which makes it more popular among food lovers. You can visit Maxwell Road Hawker Centre in Chinatown and explore an ample amount of delicacies in more than 100 stalls.

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