38 Remarkable Places to Visit in Singapore in 2020 Where a Wandering Heart Finds Peace

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Singapore has an array of exciting options when we are hunting for remarkable places to visit in Singapore for travel junkies.

Top 38 Places to Visit in Singapore:

Top 38 palces

Have a look at our compilations of Top 38 Places to Visit in Singapore.

1. Gardensbythe Bay 2. Underwater World 3. Singapore Zoo
4. Botanical Gardens 5. S.E.A. Aquarium 6. The Nocturnal Wildlife Park
7. Jurong Bird Park 8. River Safari 9. Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom
10. National Orchid Garden 11. MacRitchie Reservoir 12. Siloso Beach
13. Bukit Batok Hill 14. Changi Beach 15. Tanjong Beach
16. Marina Bay Sands 17. Sentosa Island Complex 18. Singapore Flyer
19. Changi Chapel and Museum 20. Universal Studios Theme Park 21. Little India
22. Kidzania Singapore 23. Wings of Time 24. Dolphin Island Interaction Program
25. IFly Singapore 26. Chef Chans Restaurant 27. Smith Street Hawker Centre in Chinatown
28. Crazy Elephant Pub 29. Clarke Quay 30. Orchard Road
31. Tiger Sky Tower 32. Merlion Park 33. The Helix Bridge
34. Waterfront Promenade 35. Coney Island 36. Indoor Sky Diving
37. Sri Mariamman Temple 38. PulauUbin

1. Gardensbythe Bay

Gardens By The Bay-min

Undeniably, one of the most popular attractions to visit in Singapore, You can witness the spot from the Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck. The place relinquishes a unique experience which leaves you stunned and speechless. It allows you to enjoy the leisure walk with the love of your partner and get some picture- perfect clicks for your Singapore holiday album. The location serves the most beautiful backdrop of natural attractions. Try to make it for sunsets!

2. Underwater World

Underwater World

Let’s ignite your nature love with these marine animals from all over the world under one place – underwater world in Singapore. One of the mostly visited places, the underwater aquarium features more than 2,500 sea animals of over 250 species collected from all over the world. You will find rare species of ocean flora and animals which you have never seen before.

3. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Considered as the best rainforest zoo in the world, Singapore zoo is a popular travel attraction in Singapore. The zoo is housing a wide range of fauna including zebras, orangutans, mole rats, white tigers, parakeets, Komodo dragon, kangaroos and many more. It makes the perfect day- outing with your family on your trip to Singapore.

4. Botanical Gardens

Botanical Garden

The picturesque Botanical Gardens is inclining attention of a large number of travelers from every corner of the world. The attraction has already earned the status of first UNESCO World Heritage nomination. You will be amazed to relish the beauty of natural attraction at one of spectacular Singapore tourist attractions.

5. S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. Aquarium

The SEA aquarium is a huge aquarium that is a hub for over 1000 species of ocean life. The attraction is listed among the most wonderful creations of humankind in Garden city.It proudly boasts 49 habitats with more than 1, 00,000 aquatic animals like bottlenose dolphins, stingrays, hammerhead sharks and many more.You can delve into interacting with star fish, go for sea- walking and diving. You can avail the maximum fun with our customized Singapore holiday package.

6. The Nocturnal Wildlife Park

The Nocturnal Wildlife Park

The moment sun sets, the nocturnal safari starts! And animals start howling and prowling. The Nocturnal Wildlife Park showcases astounding walking trails including popular leopard trail and fishing cat trail with approximately 2,500 residents of the park of around 130 species. If you are lucky enough, you may get a glimpse of Malayan Tiger and Malayan Tapir.

7. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park

JurongBird Park is spanned over 20, 2 hectares and situated in the western part of the city. It showcases around 5000 birds from more than 400 species. If you are visiting the bird park, do not forget to visit one of the biggest walk- in aviaries in the world- Aviary Waterfall. The aviary houses around 600 birds, where you may get a chance to see some of the most beautiful birds.

8. River Safari

River Safari

If you want to see the cutest animal which you have seen in the pictures and in videos only, the River Safari will definitely blow our mind, because they have the cutest red panda.The rust- colored fur of his cutest beauty will make you cuddle for sure. Apart from pandas, the park is hub to over 6000 animals, out of these 6000 species, 40 are endangered. Do not skip to witness the freshwater aquarium, which is also the biggest in the world.

9. Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

Butterfly Park And Insect Kingdom

The lush green spot is laden with enormous beauty of nature. It makes an incredible place for the visitors. One may get an opportunity to witness varieties of stunning butterflies and insects which will amaze you all this tour to Butterfly and insect kingdom. If you are nature lover, you will like mesmerizing rainforests and breathtaking natural scent during the entire tour.

10. National Orchid Garden

National Orchid Garden

This famous orchid garden is stretched over 3 hectares of alluring lush land full of scenic beauties. The garden is brilliantly planned and planted, everything about the attraction is undoubtedly outstanding. Orchid garden is hub for over 1000 species and plantation is spanned here according to the seasons of summer, winter, autumn and spring. You may relish the beauty of color transitions in the garden according to the season changes.

11. MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie is one of the remarkable to visit if you are looking for rejuvenate yourself with a stroll amidst the richness of nature. Nature lovers and water sports gather from every corner of the world to delve into beauty of reservoir. You will feel at the top of the world if you take a walk on the tallest bridge through trees. You can satisfy your hunger pangs at the food outlet, situated right at the entry point of 11 kilometers long hike.

12. Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach

The tempting Siloso boasts some of the most happening and larger than life for your upcoming New Year celebrations in the Island. The place is filled with scrumptious food joints which relinquishes delicious cuisine to tantalize your taste buds.So what’s stopping you, get your swimsuit on and go for some dipping in warm and cozy waters or just enjoy lazing under the sun at one of the amazing places to visit in Singapore.

13. Bukit Batok Hill

Bukit Batok Hill

It is one of the astounding spots to visit in this city and is known for its tranquil ambience since it is located away from all the hustle- bustle of routine city life. The broad slopes of mountains offer excellent views of clear waters just like an incredible scene to discover some tranquility and silence. You can plan to go for a stroll along the rough roads which go through the woods and be in the lap of rich greenery. Yet, on the off chance that you are exhausted looking at the green for long time, then there is an undulating territory which is simply perfect for an exercise.

14. Changi Beach

Changi Beach

This is an enticing Beach which is settled right in the northern zone of Changi which is situated in the easternmost region of Singapore. The shore is a 3.3 km long sandy stretch and is only the most astounding spot for a family get-away. Bring your picnics and fishing gear in light of the fact that here the sky is the limit. Here you will likewise get the chance to fly and land an aircraft or take part in various water sports activities. Bring your camping gear to spend the night underneath the stars after you revel in a party and elevate your enjoyment at trip to Singapore.

15. Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach

Situated at the Sentosa Island, it’s far famous for its backpacking population and additionally the nature lovers who visit for some greenery. Bring a towel, relax on the golden sands and revel in the weather as you sunbathe. This is a fantastic place to go to for those who need some peace and calmness. Make sure you stay till sunset to witness the waters and sky change its hues with the time. The sands are clean and here that’s a bliss for sure. There are plenty of themed bistros, restaurants and bars so that you can satisfy your thirst and starvation.

16. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

If you want to take pleasure in unlimited luxury, you have to go to marina bay sands, Singapore’s most iconic hotel and opulent resort that boasts the biggest infinity pool in the world and tempting views of Singapore’s skyline. As soon as right here, you may not need to step away from the limitless high priced facilities you may be pampered with, along with scrumptious food, spa, gym, entertainment, shopping centers, and much more. Book right away to revel in the most luxurious Singapore holiday.

17. Sentosa Island Complex

Sentosa Island Complex

The chic shopping vacation spot, Singapore, isn’t very famous as beach vacation destination. However for those who are searching for that, Sentosa island complex is the ideal option for you. Its proximity to the travel attractions in Singapore elevates its popularity. If you are planning for your honeymoon in Singapore, then Island complex is a great choice for both of you. And the interesting part- it offers every form of comfort and luxury you could likely dream of! For your upcoming Singapore honeymoon trip.

18. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

If the observation deck Marina Bay Sands Resort doesn’tgratify your preferences for one-stop sight- seeing in Singapore, Visit Singapore flyer world’s highest gigantic observation wheel. No longer just the Singapore skyline, you can also give time to the IndonesianSpice Islands and MalaysianJohor strait. Our international holiday package covers sight- seeing and other activities at the most affordable prices.

19. Changi Chapel and Museum

Changi Chapel And Museum

A travel attraction in Singapore for the history buffs, Changi museum showcases letters, pictures, and drawings of the 50,000 civilians and soldiers in Changi jail at Second World War. The chapel in the courtyard is an actual copy of the form of chapels constructed during Second World War. It’s an extra- ordinary spot to visit if you want to find out about the well- heeled culture and interesting heritage of this United States.

20. Universal Studios Theme Park

Universal Studios Theme Park

Celebrate your holidays at Universal Studios Theme Park is one of the most popular attractions to see in Singapore if you are vacationing with kids. The Universal Studios features some of the best rides based on the concept of your favorite Hollywood movies such as Madagascar, Transformers, Shrek and many more. Make your vacation the merriest one with the collection of Christmas shows and exhilarating rides.

21. Little India

Little India

Everybody knows Singapore for being that glamorous and fascinating destination with astounding world- class structures, cutting- edged architecture, and eco- friendly parks. Not everyone is aware about its enchanting social side loaded with colors and clamoring with liveliness. What’s more than that – that culture isn’t of Singapore! That’s true. You’ll find a tinge of India concealed in those glitzy streets of Singapore.

22. Kidzania Singapore

Kidzania Singapore

Kidzania is an exceptional attraction especially for families traveling with kids since it allows to educate and entertain children in fun ways. It has a resemblance to an indoor theme park that has been created in the form of an independent countryto relinquish knowledge to kids in the most creative and fun- filled ways. From flying airplanes, preparing tasty dishes, role playing, to learning through interactive media, this high- end travel destination will deliver them real-life experiences.

23. Wings of Time

Wings Of Time

The Wings of Time is considered to be the most committed and permanent show in Singapore. It’s the world’s first most wanted and permanent night show that even conveys an unmissable portrayal of a folktale utilizing the mediums of art and innovation like fountains, laser lights, music, just as 3D projection mapping. The theme of the story centers around companionship and fortitude, and the whole show is captivating to such an extent that visitors of every age and different backgrounds are found to be engaged till the end of the show.

24. Dolphin Island Interaction Program

Dolphin Island Interaction Program

There are only few spots in the world that allow visitors a once in a lifetime chance to see dolphins and interact closely with them. Singapore is one of such places which is offering tourists opportunity to swim and interact with Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Dolphin Island is counted best among all famous Singapore hot spots that you cannot skipif you are holidaying on this island nation.

25. IFly Singapore

IFly Singapore

Thinking of skydiving gives you chill? What about an exhilarating experience that can reciprocate the same feel, that’s to without any risk!Plan this Singapore vacation for IFLy where you are thrown in the air and your adrenaline rush shoots up in Nano- second. Our exclusively designed Singapore tour package includes this exciting activity which is based on the concept and technology of virtual reality.You will feel that you have jumped off airplane at a height of 13,000 feet and you are falling forcefully towards the ground.Don’t worry it happens under supervision and you are especially trainedfor the same.

26. Chef Chans Restaurant

Chef Chans Restaurant

To satisfy your hunger pangs with the yummiest cuisine, Chef Chans Restaurant is undeniably one of the most scrumptious places to visit in Singapore. The vintage Chinese decor, amazing menu, and years of prestige is what transforms a food outlet to a must-visit diner in Singapore. You can savor on a variety of Singaporean, Chinese, and even Malaysian cuisine here to gratify your hunger. And the best thing the place is easy to locate!

27. Smith Street Hawker Centre in Chinatown

Smith Street

Hawker centers are where you will get anauthentic meal of Chinese, Malay, and Indian dishes. For a hustling, crowded, and wonderful feel of the local street food without the worries of eating unhygienic fare, plan a visit tothe Smith Street Hawker Centre in Chinatown in Singapore. It’s a great place to try a variety of Singaporean street food in one place at dime a dozen.

28. Crazy Elephant Pub

Crazy Elephant Pub

Awesome music, quick service, good and economical beverages, and even live performances, apart from that, Crazy Elephant Pub makes agreat option to enjoy drinks and to party. After all, your trip to Singapore is incomplete, in case you do not explore electrifying nightlife! And there is no better place than Crazy Elephant Pub.

29. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

One of the remarkable Singaporetravel attractions in Singapore, Clarke Quay, is a part of the city’s history that is still reviving on daily basis. The erstwhile business center from nineteenth Century is now famous for its modern restaurants, chic pubs, pushcart vendors and waterfront entertainment. It’s the best spot, if you are planning for a date in which you can both have a scrumptious meal at a restaurant or a drink at a pub while admiring the spectacular waterfront views.

30. Orchard Road

Orchard Road

Singapore, a magnificent metropolis acclaimed internationally for swanky shopping areas laden with opulent designer’s brands. It has many elegant shopping centers. But this stretch of 2.2 km Long Boulevard is the retail and enjoyment hub of Singapore. You can buy fromchic jewelry, stylish bags, statement accessories and handbags, branded clothes, or even reasonably-priced fashion wear while you’re strolling around.

31. Tiger Sky Tower

Tiger Sky Tower

Tiger Sky Tower was originally named as Carlsberg Sky Tower, It is the highest observation tower in Singapore. The tower is exalted at a height131 meters above sea level and it is an ideal place which will ignite your photography skills for sure. You will be astounded at alluring visions in your surroundings. After getting done with your photography session you can relax in air- conditioned cabins and relish the breathtaking views of attractions all over in Singapore.

32. Merlion Park

Merlion Park

Merlion Park is a masterpiece in its own, it represents half lion and half mermaid which makes Singapore a remarkable travel destination. The body of Merlion symbolize the ancient trades of Singapore and the head indicates the authentic depiction of Singapore, which means “The Lion’s city”. Another Singapore tourist attraction Waterfront park is nestled in the center of the city overlooking Marina Bay. You would love to click pictures as the spot offers best backgrounds for your photos.

33. The Helix Bridge

The Helix Bridge

Singapore’s authentic beauty comes out at night among all the lights and one of the nice locations to witness that is the helix bridge. When all the lights are on, then it’s far not anything much less than a treat to watch. It is a first class attraction to head for a stroll and to take some panoramic photographs. The footbridge became firstly referred to as the Double Helix Bridge. It connects the South Marine Bay and the Marine middle over the Singapore River.

34. Waterfront Promenade

Waterfront Promenade

This waterfront promenade is a gorgeous necklace which connects popular travel attractions in Singapore like the Bayfront Areas, Marina Centre, and the Collyer Quay. It is a tract of path which forms a line between the remarkable spots of the Marina Bay. You can enjoy eating right here on the eateries, plan for alfresco dining, boat docks and a lot more. If you’re searching out something relaxing then go for a slow cycle journey along on the neat and tidy stone pavement or go for a stroll on the timber boardwalk.

35. Coney Island

Coney Island

Spanned over 50 hectares of land, Coney Island is located within the northeastern part of Singapore. It is likewise called Pulau Serangoon and it’s also a growing ground for a large varieties of grasslands, coastal forests, mangroves, casuarina woodlands and so forth. It also features white sand beaches and pristine trails, the old rustic feel to greenery around and much more, which will definitely make you feel to go for cycling with your partner. It is an awesome spot to take your date and zest in some romantic moments with breathtaking views. The island serves as home for plenty of endangered species of fauna and flora. It houses around eighty species of birds with the Baya Weavers.

36. Indoor Sky Diving

Indoor Sky Diving

Do you fancy skydiving but never felt brave enough to do the same? Then Singapore is the rescuer for you. Say bye- bye to frightening outdoors and get ready to explore sky diving differently in indoors with comfort and ease. It is situated adjacent to beach station in Sentosa. The city offers some of the excellent tunnels whichfacilitate sky diving, places it in the list of best Singapore tourist attractions.

37. Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple

Situated in Chinatown, the Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the most desired Hindu Sanctuary in the town. In ancient era, the temple was famed asMariammanKovil or the Kling Street Temple. According to locals, the goddess Mariamman is located there and it is famous for her superpowers to treat sickness and other infections. It is also a remarkable national landmark in Singapore.

38. PulauUbin

Pulau Ubin

PulauUbin is considered to be an adorable island settled in northeast of mainland Singapore. Symbolized by using picturesque biking trails, small hills, vintage and rusty granite quarries, in addition to traditional kampongs or villages, this tiny and relatively unknown region of Singapore has a lot to offer for travelers seeking unique experiences. Book your international holiday package with us to explore mangroves of the ChekJawa Wetlands, Jejawi Observation Tower, Looped Boardwalkand other attractions in PualuUbin.

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